loans ranging from $20,000 to $450,000

  • requires a minimum down payment of 5% of the project value
  • maximum amortization period of 8 years;
  • interest rate based on a base rate plus a % based on the risk premium associated with the business project;
  • possibility of moratorium at the granting and during the loan;
  • $350 file opening fee;
  • annual management fee of 1.5% of the loan balance.

documents required to start an application

  • business plan and/or project summary;
  • 2-year projected financial statements;
  • financial reports for the past 3 years ( when possible);
  • most recent interim financial statements.

we give women and men entrepreneurs the means to achieve their ambitions

  • possibility of financing the acquisition of tangible and intangible assets, working capital related to the operations of the business following the loan granting date, the development and marketing of products and new services for a business already in operation, as well as the purchase and redemption of shares;
  • most business sectors1 are eligible;
  • interest rates are calculated based on the level of risk;
  • amortization period ranging from 2 to 8 years;
  • possibility of moratorium at the granting and during the loan;
  • possibility of moratorium in the case of parental leave;
  • fees for analysis and follow-up of the file are applicable.