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to support you in your evolution.

You want to benefit from a support adapted to your reality and maximize your chances to develop fully? Evol has acquired over the years a solid expertise in mentoring and financing.

As soon as you receive your financing, you will be invited to complete an entrepreneurial skills diagnostic, which will allow you to identify your strengths and challenges. Afterwards, a personalized action plan will be proposed to you including individual follow-up meetings, a bank of hours for consultation with the Brigade conseils of experts and access to training activities.

financing adapted to your needs 

eligibility requirements

The woman or man entrepreneur who wishes to apply for a loan must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Be from a community that is under-represented in entrepreneurship (women, racialized people, immigrants, First Nations, Inuit, LGBTQ2+ community and people with disabilities).
  2. Own at least 25% of the shares and votes (For businesses in succession, submit a business succession plan that provides for the acquisition of at least 25% of the shares and votes in the future).
  3. Hold a strategic position within the business.
  4. Be able to demonstrate that the business has adopted or is committed to adopting sustainable development practices based on the 17 UN goals.

For full details of the financing policy and a complete list of eligibility requirements, click here.

You wish to apply for financing?

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