Company: K2 Rénovation

Sector of activity: Renovation and construction

Head office: Deux-Montagnes

Number of employees: 6

Her commitment

Aligned with UN sustainable development goal 12 (responsible consumption and production)

I commit to making my clients and employees aware of the choice of ecological materials in their renovation projects.

“Our vision: to integrate responsible, ecological practices and offer our employees and clients a healthy living environment.”

– Kim Morissette and Kevin Tassou, K2 Rénovation

Unique specialists in renovations

Putting people at the heart of construction

Kim Morissette, who is passionate about project management and marketing, and Kevin Tassou, a cabinet maker and seasoned contractor, partnered in 2019 to found a renovation business that reflects their values. Their wish was to work in a healthy environment characterized by teamwork, transparency, and a concern for quality, respect, and balance – values that are not usually associated with the construction industry. They tackled the challenge brilliantly: K2 Rénovation has built a solid reputation by developing a close relationship with its employees and relying on transparency with clients, to understand their needs and deliver projects that meet their expectations.

Transparency, creativity, inclusivity

A stand-out in this male-dominated environment, K2 Rénovation is jointly managed by a woman and a man, and gender equality and social inclusion are rooted in their values. On its small team, it also has a cabinet maker who had difficulty finding a place in the industry despite her skills, because she is an immigrant and a single mother. Many measures show the concern for employee welfare, beginning with flexible schedules, teambuilding activities, and quarterly meetings where successes and challenges are presented with a view to problem solving.

Eco-responsible practices

Reclaim and reuse as much material as possible. Go beyond the building code to create sustainable, energy-efficient constructions. Encourage clients to choose healthy materials, such as lime paint and PVC-free kitchen cabinets… these are fundamental concerns for K2 Rénovation. This is why Kim Morissette, Kevin Tassou, and one of their employees have trained in environmentally responsible renovations with Écohabitation. Other initiatives include using a rechargeable hybrid van or vehicle, rather than the usual more energy-intensive pickup, and purchasing high-quality tools that will last, rather than the quick solution of low-end models that break frequently. They set everything in motion to combine savings and environmentally responsible practices. Even the smallest things count, such as all construction sites being supplied with reusable cups. The result is a substantial reduction in the amount of waste in all projects, a reduction in energy costs of renovated buildings, and, above all, the satisfaction and happiness of clients and employees.

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